2019 — 2020 Season

August 29 — September 8, 2019
The Exceptionals
by Bob Clyman
Directed by Tony Prince
Set in a sperm bank in the near future, this play is a comedy about how far parents should, or are willing to, go in order to produce and raise children that are “exceptional.”
October 24 — November 3, 2019
Haunting Julia
by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Tony Prince
The father of a young female composer who has died of a possible suicide decides to turn her attic bedroom into a museum in her honor. Opening just in time for the Halloween season, this unsettling play explores the liminal space between life and death. When is it the right time to let go of the dead… and who decides?
March 26 — April 5, 2020
by Sarah Page
Directed by Tony Prince
This 2017 British play explores the relationships between a husband and wife, their slightly mentally disabled twenty-five year old son, and the prostitute they hire to help him lose his virginity.
May 28 — June 7, 2020
The Houseguests
by Harry Kondoleon
Directed by Tony Prince
John and Vera are “welcoming” Manny and Gale to their home as houseguests, but this will be a visit far from what anyone could ever expect. The Village Voice described the play’s 1993 debut as “horrific, postmodern high comedy.”
Tickets are $20 in advance or $22 day of show.
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