2021 — 2022 Season

March 24 — April 3, 2022
How to Transcend a Happy Marriage
by Sarah Ruhl
Are the conventions and boundaries of traditional marriage conducive to the highest level of intimacy and happiness people are capable of? Four middle-aged longtime friends find themselves facing this question when they meet Pip, a polyamorous woman in her twenties, who can dance and sing and slaughter animals.
May 26 — June 5, 2022
Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness
by Anthony Neilson
Written in 2008 but set in 1881, this play is the final performance of a Victorian theatre troupe led by an opium addict. An odd combination of melodrama, comedy, and fairy tale, it is a strange, and at times grotesque, exploration of loneliness, the ephemeral nature of life, and the nature of theatre itself.
Tickets are $20 in advance or $22 day of show.
To purchase tickets call 502-553-8056 or Purchase Online.